Validation of Buyers and Sellers

At CarXstream, we prioritize the security of both our sellers and buyers. You can confidently utilize our digital platform, as we've implemented a robust user identification verification process to establish trust.

CarXstream has partnered with industry leaders such as Plaid and Experian to validate user profile data and link banks. We ensure that sellers are legitimate vehicle owners and buyers have verified funds.

Every user undergoes thorough fraud prevention verification, a critical step in safeguarding all activities and interactions on our platform.

**Account Creation:**

- Upon registration, users are required to provide their email address and phone number.

- During the verification process, users will be prompted to provide additional identity information.

- Details such as full name, address, date of birth, etc., will be requested.

- Users must confirm their Social Security Number (SSN).

- In the next section, users will submit a photo ID and choose from the provided options.

Once submitted, this information undergoes a rigorous verification process. Users will receive prompt notifications regarding the status of their verification: "Verified" or "Not Verified".

**For Sellers:**

- Our Trust and Safety process, whether automatic or manual, rigorously validates accounts against vehicle ownership, including pictures and videos, before approving or rejecting the listing.

**For Buyers:**

- Our automatic Trust and Safety process ensures account validity. Buyers also have the option to securely link their bank accounts for ACH transactions. In cases where sufficient funds are not available, we will notify you, preventing incomplete transactions.


- Users will receive notifications via email, phone messages, and app notifications from our Trust and Safety team. If you encounter any issues with the system, please contact our TSS (Trust, Safety, and Security) support team with additional checks.

**Trusted Accounts:**

- Trusted Parties are distinguished with a Verified Badge, signifying their established trustworthiness.

**PTSS Team:**

- All buying and selling activities are continuously monitored for fraudulent behavior. High-risk users or transactions are promptly addressed by our PTSS (Privacy, Trust, Safety, and Security) team, including temporary suspension of account access if necessary.

Rest assured, our PTSS team is always available for swift action to protect your privacy, safety, and security. Your well-being is our priority so you can focus on the sale of your vehicle.